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Reshape Future/Pure.Tech






The recent collaboration of RESHAPE FUTURES with PURE.TECH, brought to alive PURE JACKET with the aims to propose low emission cloth, reducing the carbon footprint in the cycle production, transforming the cloth in active agents able to eliminate the GHG during the whole cloth lifestyle. PURE JACKET seeks to inspire people to look beyond fashion trends, presenting new possibilities in design, materials, functionality and technology with an aim to encourage a new movement, who want to actively contribute for the positive environmental impact through the act of wearing. The design of PURE JACKET proposes a disruptive fashion line with the ability to absorb greenhouse gases through the application of PURE.TECH material, allowing the maximization of sustainable processes, actively contributing to the environment, mainly focused on purifying the air we breathe. PURE.TECH material has the ability to mineralize CO2, NOX, and is capable of reducing volatile organic compounds VOCs. PURE.TECH was born from the collaboration between molecular biologists, computational designers and manufacturing experts, we have developed three types of materials, Filament PLA ,Pellet and TPU adapted to FDM technology. By introducing of PURE.TECH in the industry, we contribute to reduce the carbon footprint emitted by industries, providing innovative solutions, improving the quality of the air we breathe, in the same time we are part of the circular economy, since PURE .TECH is a recycled material that can be reused. Our production system is based on a sustainable ethic, with a low carbon footprint. reducing the impact of each step of the process.

WEARPURE.TECH_Intro from on Vimeo.

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