Malou Beemer/Eef Lubbers 

Malou Beemer/Eef Lubbers 


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Kimbow is a cross-disciplinary project between Fashion Designer and Researcher, Malou Beemer and industrial designer Eef Lubbers in which fashion meets technology. This project was a fusion of their MA researches; Using Body language in the design process and an interactive dynamic colour changing textile. The dress reacts to the movements of the wearer and reinforces this silent way of communicating with a movement in colour. The dress exists out of threads on the torso that are a dark colour in a neutral state. But as soon as the wearer moves in the Arms Akimbow pose, which is strong and territorial, the threads change into a brighter red that strengths the communication of the wearer. Every thread has a conductive core and is dyed with thermochromic ink. This was done in collaboration with the Textile Museum Tilburg. We can control and activate each thread separately, this part was supported the Technical University Eindhoven. This feature enables us to create a visual movement in a colour that starts in the middle and slowly moves outworth. This movement emphasizes the shape of the Akimbow posture. The dress is designed in a modular way to embrace; safety, comfort and easy disassembly for repair and potential reusing and recycling. The wearer can choose to show the technical element in the back or hide this in a subtle way. It was important to the designers to preserve the tactile textile features. To develop a garment that is subtle and could be considered in everyday life, instead of another showpiece that is mainly interesting on stage. With this design, Eef and Malou show their vision on wearable technology and the potential future of fashion. Innovation arises in co-creation because this is where the magic happens. This project shows how these industries can strengthen each other on the way to innovation. Suported by: Textiellab, Textiel museum Tilburg / Technical Universty Eindhoven / Aartsen Elektronica


Photo Credits:
Concept and design: Malou Beemer & Eef Lubbers
Photography: Bob Mans
Model: Janneke Jeurissen
Muah: Janine Van Helden


Kimbow by Eef Lubbers and Malou Beemer from Eef Lubbers on Vimeo.

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