Felipe Fiallo

Felipe Fiallo

WE GO FAR 2022



ECO-FUTURISTIC SNEAKERS COLLECTION// WE GO FAR 2022 // X FELIPE FIALLO With his sustainable capsule collection of sneakers Felipe wants to represent a new fashion generation. A new way of thinking, the outcome of a cross-contamination between digital fabrication, biology and sustainability to create a future aesthetics focused on a responsible, comfortable and stylish mobility. It is more than a collection, it is a wake-up call for action, the result of a deep research process on new technologies, circular economy, new materials, social inclusion and industry 4.0 to reinvent fashion while respecting the planet. Collection WE GO FAR 2022 is divided in three lines: Bio-Future, Eco-Future and Future. Seven living sneakers that will disrupt the way we interact with BioMaterials, Digital Fabrication and Sustainable Fashion. Pucci is a biodegradable sneaker made from mycelium mushroom. Mycelium is part of our raw growing materiality and has a bold silhouette and durable sole; combined with dark colors for the upper to fit the perfect urban look with a touch from the forest of the future. Food for Fish is a biodegradable shoe. Designed to use it for 365 days before biodegrading, you can choose to leave it in the ocean, fish will be happy. It’s a colorful bioplastic made from gelatine and algae that suits your feet to shape a new stylish interaction with raw materials in your sneakers. Crystal Walk one of the outstanding pieces from the collection. They are crystals growing shoes, and the cool part is that you can even renew the crystals into the ocean. Shine, walk, recharge! Vulcano is our Zero Waste sneaker, and its production process requires very little use of energy and time. The fastest result with a 3 minutes record of production for the upper. For its detailed, layered leather shape and black color, it is a must have for your ‘basics’ to complement any modern outfit. Luxe Reptile, to re-use is to re-invent and perfectly match these leather leftovers into an animal skin pattern is an incredible art. An exotic, luxurious leather bonded through upcycling and trendy colors to give a new print to your shoes for unconventional walks. White Chameleon, a sneaker that fits the constantly changing routine of today. A sneaker with a detachable sole, the perfect accessory for your wardrobe transition. Absolute comfort with a single eclectic style, a bright white seduction in a 3D printed perfectly intersected branch-like figures. Alligator is another addition to the ‘upcycling’ family of sustainable sneakers. Its color variation is delightful and modern. With a bolder look and style, they are the perfect shoes for a faster-paced environment. Run, move, and walk through the city, certainly will be your best buddies.


Scritto da: Eleonora Curatola